Refund and Returns Policy

The AadiShakti Foundation strives to maintain a fair and transparent process for handling refund requests related to donations. We kindly request that donors exercise careful consideration and diligence when making donations.

While we aim to support refund requests, AadiShakti Foundation retains the discretion to decline refund requests, especially if a Tax Exemption Certificate under Section 80G has already been issued for the donation.

In the event of an inadvertent donation or a change of mind by the donor, AadiShakti Foundation acknowledges these circumstances and commits to assess each refund request thoroughly. We may require additional information or documentation and seek the donor’s cooperation to facilitate this process.

To request a refund for donations made to AadiShakti Foundation, kindly submit a written or email refund request within 10 days from the donation date. Whether the donation was made through online transfers, electronic means, or by cheque deposited in AadiShakti Foundation’s account, please ensure to include the following details in your refund request:

1. Date of donation
2. Donation amount
3. Cheque/Draft number OR if the donation was made through a credit card, provide the Credit Card number (last 4 digits only) OR Transaction ID for online donations.

Please send refund requests with the aforementioned information to the following contact details:

AadiShakti Foundation
Delhi 110019

Decisions regarding refund requests made to AadiShakti Foundation will be considered final and binding on the donor.